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  1. I work with students learning English, others with learning difficulties, and others with anxiety problems. (In some cases, these are the same students!) I also volunteer weekly with artists with mental, physical and emotional disabilities. I am thrilled to discover the Kawa model and I am eager to explore ways that I can use it with my students and friends to help them examine obstacles and assets, and to chart their life stories.
    I believe that story and art are powerful tools in moving through life with health.
    I’m also compiling a play-list of river-themed music and a catalog of river-related art. I don’t know when/how I might use them, but it’s a joy to explore the theme.
    As a artist-wannabe, I am working toward making my own river images. I’m unreasonably anxious about trying to make a picture (??!) but it seems to me that I ought to try before I ask other people to. 🙂

  2. Hi, I’m Tamara Grimaldi,
    I’m a Ocupational Therapist from Brazil and I’d like to know more about the Kawa Moedel

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