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Building relevant and current Occupational-Therapy (OT) practice in India

Building relevant and current Occupational-Therapy (OT) practice in India

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Author: Kavitha Murthi

Abstract: Documented evidence that supports Indian OTs’ rationale behind choice and incorporation of therapeutic approaches, principles and conceptual models is sporadic (Shetty 2011). Due to this Indian therapists employ models that are originated in Western practice contexts (Al Busaidy and Borthwick 2012). Although Western models provide a unique, flexible occupational focus (Turpin and Iwama 2011); they do exhibit culture-specific rigidity (Hammell 2009). Therefore, this presentation aims to lay a foundation for developing culture-specific practice in India.

Educational Learning objectives: 1) To provide a clear, current picture of the Indian Occupational Therapy context.

2) To raise awareness about the various professional challenges faced by Indian Occupational Therapists.

3) To lay a foundation which can be used to build culturally relevant Occupational Therapy practice in the Indian context.



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