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Kawa SOAP Notes Online Workbook

Kawa SOAP Notes Online Workbook

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by November 20, 2018 Learning/Teaching Resources

This is an interactive online workbook illustrating how the Kawa Model can be used as an organising framework for occupational therapy processes.

It was originally part of an MSc in Medical Education assignment with Cardiff University, so it’s still a rather rough prototype version. Future updates to a sleeker, more polished version would be possible at some point in the future and will be made onto this page itself.

You can access the online workbook at: or click on the image below.

Kawa SOAP notes format

Recommended Reference (Havard style):

Teoh, J. (2018). Kawa SOAP Notes Online Workbook. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Nov. 2018].

Note: change the access date as this resource may be updated from time to time. Have fun!


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